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Share Your Story

At RAM Trucks NZ, we would love you to share your story with us, so we can share your story on here and tell New Zealander’s the reasons you purchased your RAM Truck and what you use it for.

Please email us at ramtrucks@ateco.co.nz with your story and you’ll go in the draw to win an amazing prize!


"Getting ready for a day's boating on Lake Dunstan Central Otago, the RAM is the ideal truck for our set up, when not hauling boat it's hauling tandem loads of lucerne bales back to Our Winton farm."
- Tom May


"At Senator we build some awesome boats that require awesome tow vehicles. I do a lot of travelling around NZ, often towing 2.5-4.5 tonne Senators. It is a rare thing for a high-end luxury vehicle to be so practical. I also love the RAM boxes and cargo system inside the deck, very versatile and so handy!
For towing, comfort and style, the RAM 1500 Laramie is just perfect."
- Grant Simmonds, MD Senator Boats


"We ordered our new van and the next job was to find the perfect tow vehicle. While other trucks had the capacity to tow our 3.5 ton van, there was only one truck we really wanted. We got our RAM a few months before the van arrived but when it arrived and we coupled them together we knew it was the best fit we could have. The drive is awesome, it tows like a dream and now we can't wait to go back exploring again."
- Colin


"We love American cars and loved the thought of owning a right hand drive. We chose a Ram Laramie for its looks comfort and its ability to tow our big boat in and out of lake Te Anau. We love our truck"



"I had been looking at options to replace our previous work vehicle. We do a bit of travelling for work and for diving and yachting and the RAM 1500 Laramie certainly fit the bill. I'm a huge fan of MOPAR and the Hemi engine. Tom at Andrew Simms Botany made the process easy and made a few additions to get the truck just right. Looking forward to seeing where we head next with our RAM."

-Andrew Berry from Superior Personnel


Ram. The essence of all things American, yet it finds a home right here in New Zealand

"Our story started in May 2019. We needed a truck that could do it all, a truck that was comfortable for a busy, active family with four tall boys and all of our toys. My Father and I are both 6ft 6 and my two brothers are catching fast. Over the years, our family has owned almost every "ute" offered in the New Zealand market, but we now needed to find something that could support our lifestyle and all of our activities. We compared all options on the market and nothing came close to the Ram 1500 Laramie to do this. So we bought one!

Having now completed over 12,000km in our Ram on the road, and completing a road trip travelling through the Central Plateau down to the bottom of the North Island, we have never found a truck that drives so smoothly and comfortably on, and off the road like a Ram. We have found that the Ram is just as exceptional at towing boats as it is with family excursions, and with the ability to do all of the big jobs that other trucks can't. We love our Ram."

-Taine Horgan


"My experience with RAM trucks started in North America in the mid 90’s when as a NZ Fishery Officer I spent some time on exchange with various Fisheries and Wildlife / Natural Resource Enforcement agencies – many of which used RAM trucks as patrol vehicles. These agencies patrolled in some very remote / rugged places and often needed to tow large patrol vessels so a (very) capable patrol vehicle was a must – which is where the RAM came in!

Having recently purchased a RAM 1500 Laramie I cannot speak highly enough of it in terms of a tow vehicle. We have a reasonable sized trailer boat (just under eight metres overall length) and we often tow it from New Plymouth to Waihau Bay – basically from as far West to as far East as you can get on the North Island! With the RAM you hardly know the boat is even there. The RAM has turned a long and at times arduous trip into a breeze. But not only is it easier – you feel so much safer too. In the past with smaller /lighter utes, at times - especially on steep downhills - the boat could start to ‘push’ the vehicle which is NOT a nice feeling at all! With the RAM it’s the vehicle that’s in charge the whole time, which is the way it should be!"

Graeme & Paula

"It started in 2017 when we needed a truck to support our endeavours to be the first Kiwi team to compete at the Reno Air Races, known as 'The World's Fastest Motorsport'. What better than a RAM 1500. We loved our RAM truck so much we had to have one in NZ. We are proud to be able to claim having the first Express 1500 Black Pack in the country thanks to Houston Motors in Blenheim."